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During WWII, Baltra served as a U.S. military base protecting the Panama Canal from enemy attack. Now the cactus-strewn landscapes of Baltra are home to the region’s main airport, where you’ll meet the ship. From the airport, it’s just a short bus and zodiac boat ride to the ship. 

Daphne Island is a satellite volcanic cone located north of Santa Cruz island. The crater floor is an important breeding site for blue-footed boobies. The cliff shore of the island is home to sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed boobies, and tropical birds, which can be observed during the circumnavigation of the island. 

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and the National Park Service tortoise-breeding station in Puerto Ayora, after which you’ll also have the opportunity to observe giant tortoises in the wild. You may also choose to participate in the Scales reforestation project.

Eats & entertainment

Eats & entertainment


Enjoy in-suite accommodations such as an in-room drinking water filtration system, stocked mini-bar with soft drinks and beers, champagne/sparkling wine set-up, delivery of afternoon in-suite “daily delectable,” and in-suite espresso machine. 

Full in-suite dinner service is included, and the onboard Ocean Grill provides the highest quality sustainable seafood for lunch and a spectacular Dinner Under the Stars. 

Getting around

Getting around

A long white sand beach and clear blue waters make Gardner Bay an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. In the water, sea turtles, rays, colorful tropical fish, sea lions, and maybe even a white-tip reef shark may be seen. Walk the beach, swim, or deep-water snorkel (for experienced snorkelers). 

Española is the oldest island in the Galapagos and home to an abundance of wildlife. At this site, visitors can expect to see sea lions, Galapagos Hawks, marine iguanas, and both blue-footed and Nazca boobies. Excursion options include a long, rocky walk to look for Waved Albatrosses (March to January), and observing an impressive blowhole that spews water like a towering geyser.

Floreana was the first capital of the Galapagos, and where Charles Darwin met the islands’ Governor. Its small brackish lagoon is often home to flamingos, stilts, and white-cheeked pintail ducks, and one of its beaches is a highly used nesting site for sea turtles. Check out the green-hued sand where you land! 


Insider tips

Insider tips


The Baroness’ Viewing Point is the ideal place to take in the unique scenery that defines Floreana, and to learn about the intriguing history of the island, once inhabited by an indulgent baroness and her three lovers.

Post Office Bay, on Floreana Island is rich in history: this site is home to the post office barrel established in about 1793, where pirates, buccaneers, whalers and others could leave their mail to be picked up by outbound ships.

Urvina Bay, Isabela Island is composed of five merged volcanoes! This is the largest island in the Galapagos and the most recently active, the latest eruption having occurred at Wolf Volcano in 2015. Here you will see large land iguanas, finches, and if lucky, a giant tortoise or two. In 1954, magma from one of the island’s volcanoes caused part of the bay to be uplifted some 6 meters, allowing you to walk through the remains of what was once a thriving underwater reef. 


Favorite thing

Favorite things


Indulge in the largest and most luxurious accommodations in the Galapagos Islands, where every stateroom is a suite. Dine on delectable menus, curated by a Michelin-starred chef, and allow your Personal Suite Attendant to help you unpack.

Your Galapagos vacation is all-inclusive, making your trip as convenient, relaxing, and memorable as possible. The Celebrity Flora is a 100 passenger luxury mega yacht that ensures your visit to these primitive islands is anything but. 

Choose a Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda℠ to transform your suite to an open-air room with the touch of a button and experience a greater connection to the Galapagos Island landscapes. All suites feature full room automation and private verandas. 

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